In Florida sate in the United States of America, there are a number of requirements that have to be in place before a case can be regarded as valid or the accused can be executed. First the prosecutor must have done enough research about the case and have enough that can enable him or her to prosecute the accused. Once they have made the research, they should be able to inform the attorney or the court of their will to prosecute the person then a date is set for the hearing of the case. On the date of the hearing, the accused brings along his or her lawyer to help ion the case.
Once has been declared valid and the hearing done in a court of law, the execution can only take place once the prosecutor has proved to the court that you are guilty. The judge then gives his or her ruling according to the provisions in the constitution. Before the ruling is made, the accused also has to be given time to give his or her plea that can be used to reduce the weight of punishment that the accused can be subjected to. When all these are followed, the case is considered valid.

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